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The wine, for our family, is a story that refers to the past. The grandfather cultivated vines and thus the grandfather of the grandfather. Today,in the groove of the tradition, we bring forward the story of our memory, the area's assets, tales of ancient and blessed island, Sardinia.
Sardinia, land of Vermentino and Carignano grapes, harvested in vineyards of the ungrafted island of Sant'Antioco and wisely worked with passion and tradition, is the connecting element between wine territory, culture and traditions. A land rich in history and art, scholars who work with wood craftsmen, artists and literacy that with their skills left a trace in the world, is the main theme of our project.

"No, not even the wine could ease the pain of those memories. However, he took the glass and drank crying. Yes, all was ashes: life, death, man and the destiny that produced them. He recalled that among the ashes hatching often the spark, the seed of the bright and purifying flame, and hoped, and still loved life."

Grazia Deledda, Cenere, 1904.